To be recognised as the driving force behind the region’sfinest lifestyle fitness training and community events.




Encouraging the population of the UAE to achieve their fitness goals through sports event participation centered on running, cycling, swimming and multisport races; and to provide safe swim, bike and run training opportunities and in a friendly and welcoming community environment through support of corporate programs and community organisations in Abu Dhabi.




Event Participation

Health & Fitness






Training Sessions Provide safe, regular and convenient training opportunities by supporting the local community sporting clubs.
Motivate Entice first timers and retain participants through value for money and event experience.
Education Provide opportunities for members to gain knowledge and skills to enable consistent and higher performance.
Sustainability Risk manage more dangerous activities and promote awareness of training safety.
Community Spark interest and foster pride within the multisport community through training and race uniforms, and a growing network.
Corporate Engage corporate entities and promote wellness and fitness through sponsorship, participation, volunteering and other forms of event involvement.
Event Management Develop, manage and collaborate events with a community focus in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.