Gulf Multi Sport is proud to support the interests of both the Abu Dhabi Striders and the Abu Dhabi Triathlon Club. Gulf Multi Sport assists with social media, event participation, uniforms and club procurement and club activities. Within the clubs, all training sessions have been established to drive participation in a safe and enjoyable environment, and provide an effective opportunity for the community to achieve their health and fitness goals.


Abu Dhabi Striders

Abu Dhabi Striders, established in 1984, has been running continuously since 1992 – 52 weeks a year throughout the winter and summer months. Abu Dhabi Striders is a non-profit voluntary club welcoming all runners of all abilities who share a common goal to improve their fitness and live a happier, healthier lifestyle.The Striders support the Special Care Center and other event specific charities throughout each season. Each yearthe Striders proudly host a half marathon and 10km race in November. Proceeds from each race are donated to charity.

The Abu Dhabi Striders Half Marathon & 10Kis managed by Gulf Multi Sport LLC.

Abu Dhabi Triathlon Club

The Abu Dhabi Triathlon Club is the Capital city’s biggestopen Triathlon Club, bonding a community with a fondness for the multi-sport lifestyle. Training sessions have been inspired to suit individuals training for Sprint, Olympic or Ironman distance triathlons. Participation in swim, bike or run sessions have helped members discover new friendships whilst learning valuable skills in a safe and friendly training environment.

The Tri Club is an open, friendly and active club catering for all nationalities and levels. The club also caters for newcomers to the sport and provides an opportunity for youth. Training sessions run all-year-round.

Gulf Multi Sport LLC delivers multisport events and encourages participation and support from the Club.